Sparrowhawks are really important

Sparrowhawks are really important!

Sparrowhawks can tell us how healthy our environment is. If we have lots of sparrowhawks that means we have really healthy and stable populations of small birds too. The number of sparrowhawks there are in an area is limited by the amount of food there is to feed them and the number of trees there are for them to build their nests. So if there are plenty of trees and plenty of small birds in an area this will attract sparrowhawks which then breed, so there are lots of sparrowhawks. Lots of trees and lots of birds are a good indicator that the environment is in good quality.

So, if you see a sparrowhawk in the area where you live don't be cross that they are hunting the small birds; you should feel really proud that you have helped to create a healthy environment with lots of garden birds which allows such an amazing predator to survive.