reported sightings

i have reported 2 sightings but they dont appear on map ?????


Well jumping through loops for a password sends the wrong message.
What Internet Scamsters are going to derive any financial benefit from an Ornithological site ?
My sighting report has not been saved !
Is this page still operative ?

Hunting Sparrowhawk Trinity

Juvenile female successfully caught a small bird at around 6pm yesterday. Landed on hedge in front garden before departing with her dinner.


Been watching a pair down by shore near asda ,catching pigeons in they are nesting near by ,also been watching sparrowhawks nest aand young at warriston


Hunting sparrowhawk in Warriston Drive garden Edinburgh 11.812 may have been a youngster. Landed and stayed for a while. (Failed to catch anything)


Male sparrowhawk landed on my garden fence after unsuccessful attack on Thursday 26 July. Have had visits from both males and females in the past when bird has made a kill and proceeded to eat the prey in the garden (Chesser). See them flying over on a regular basis

Sparrowhawk attack in Colinton

This morning, while I was eating breakfast, I heard crows squawking and flapping around our garden. At first I thought they were fighting but when I looked out of the window, I saw a Sparrowhawk standing on the grass about a meter a way. It was
clutching a young crow in it's claw. I could see the sparrowhawk quite clearly and afterwards we identified it to either be a young male or female. The sparrowhawk hopped further up the garden and I went out to take a better look. It seemed quite calm compared to the crows and occasionally made a squeaking noise. There was a sighting at firrhill high and I am wondering if there is a nest somewhere around our area?(firrhill is the nearest high school) It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Sparrowhawk kill

At NT264714 today, 11 July 2012, am. Neither seen nor heard, but evidence of a very fresh Sparrowhawk kill in garden. Pigeon feathers scattered, blood and small particles of gut spread over a small area of garden. Blood drops also leading away from central kill area, then none. Kill carried away after having been plucked and killed? Feel sure it is Sparrowhawk as I saw (and have reported on this site) one flying overhead on Sunday, and have seen in the garden in the past (and reported). Doubt it's cat or fox as feathers' basal portion are clean, ie have been pulled out in entirety, not torn or broken.

Reported sightings not appearing on the map

Hi Billythekid - I am afraid that the map only displays locations given as grid references - I have not yet found a way to convert postcodes into grid references.


Sparrowhawks at Firrhill High

About three weeks ago my attention was drawn to a a sparrowhawk attack on one of our feral pigeon within the school grounds in Firrhill High School EH14 1DP. The sparrowhawk had slightly stunned the pigeon but did not have a good grip and they landed on some bushes. The sparrowhawk was unsettled and tried to re-establish it's grip but the pigeon struggled and escaped. Since then I have noticed feathers and bits of pigeon wing in an isolated quad area within the buildings complex.


I live at Huthwaite and on the fence landed what looked like a sparrowhawk, it had an orange breast and colourful