bird of prey at Arthurs seat

I was out walking along the road on the south side of arthurs seat, over looking duddingston dock. High up on the a rock ledge sat perched was a bird of prey. It may of been a kestral, but looking through a decent pair of binoculars i couldnt see any distinctive markings on its breast. The bird also looked slightly bigger than a kestral. . . Can anyone please confirm what it is? Probably is a kestral though. . . Ta

Same Harris Hawk?

On Wed 15 February I was walking the Innocent Railway line between Duddingston Loch and Prestonfield Golf Club. Perched high in a tree, on the loch side of the pathway, was a large bird of prey. With my naked eye I could see its bright yellow legs and white/yellow beak. By the time I got my binoculars focussed on it, it had gently and slowly flown to another tree a good bit further away.
Through my binoculars I could still see it to be a largish bird with yellow legs, lighter coloured beak and I thought lighter patches on its body although I'm less clear about the latter.
Has anyone any thoughts on this bird of prey?
What other birds of prey are regularly spotted in and around Queens Park / Arthurs Seat?


Same Harris Hawk?

Hi Willie,

I showed your comment to Mike Thornton and he suggests that, given the large size and yellow legs, this is likely to be buzzard.


Harris Hawk on Arthur's Seat

Hi, tollefc,

It's most likely the Harris Hawk that went AWOL from pigeoning duties at Holyrood Palace in 2010. I've seen him myself. His name is Tweed. Dashing fellow.

Here is some further in formation: